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Are you interested in getting your Armed SORA license?

Updated: Jan 15

There are several steps to complete before you can obtain your Armed SORA license in NJ. The most important thing to know is that the armed security officer certification does NOT authorize the applicant or cardholder to carry a firearm. In order to work armed security in NJ, you must first obtain the proper permits to legally carry a handgun. It is strongly recommended that you obtain these permits before applying for your Armed SORA card. If you already have your Armed SORA card or have already applied for this armed SORA certification, you may still work unarmed security with the Armed SORA card. You must wait to work an armed security job until you have the proper handgun carry permit. The firearm permit process is explained below. It will take several months for you to complete the handgun permit processes.


Read Through Steps For the various Firearms permits carefully

Step 1. Obtain your Firearms Identification Card and Pistol Purchase Permit

(If you already have the FID card – firearms identification card - and already own a handgun approved for carry by security companies, skip to the step regarding the NJ Permit to Carry a Handgun Application).

  • Visit the NJSP FARS website at

  • Enter your local/hometown police department’s ORI number.The ORI (Originating Agency Identifier) Number is a unique number assigned to each Police Department and State Agency in New Jersey, and they all start with “NJ”. It is very important to get the correct ORI Number from your local police department prior to starting the application. If an application is submitted to an incorrect ORI, it will need to be withdrawn and resubmitted for correct ORI. There are NO REFUNDS for withdrawn applications

If you are not a New Jersey resident, you may select an ORI of any State Police Station for submitting your application but you may want to select the one closest to you as you may be required to visit the station. However, it must NOT be a Toll Road Station.

Not all local police departments are accepting Firearms Application online. You will not be able to apply for an ORI that is not accepting online applications. Please check with your Local police department for the correctness of the ORI Number.

  • Once your application is completed, you will be getting automated email updates throughout the process. Your references will receive an automated email from with a link to the online reference questionnaire. Make sure you tell your references to lookout for this email. Your process cannot move forward until they complete the forms. Your background investigation will not be started by your local police department until you have been fingerprinted (this requires a separate fee) and your references have completed the questionnaire.

  • Once your application is complete, you will be contacted by the NJ State Police via email. Firearms ID card and permits to purchase pistols are now electronic (no physical permits are issued) and are generated by the FARS system.

  • You cannot apply for a permit to carry a handgun until you have the FID card.

Step 2. Apply for your Permit to Carry a Handgun

It is required that you own a handgun. If you have an FID card but do not own a handgun, visit When purchasing a handgun, make sure it either .9mm, 40 caliber, 357 caliber preferably. Most security companies require handguns that are of these calibers. You must also buy a Level III holster for this handgun.

  • All applicants must be fingerprinted for initial and renewal applications. Applicants can visit to schedule an appointment. When scheduling, the applicant must provide the investigating agencies ORI and a fingerprint service code (2F164B). Fingerprint results must be received within ninety (90) days of application.

  • Applicants for concealed carry permits must first complete all pertinent forms/courses on the New Jersey State Police website listed below:

  1. S.P. 182- PTC safe handling and proficiency certification

  2. Firearms safety and awareness

  3. PTC use of force and qualification

Upon completion of all pertinent forms/courses, applicants can apply for a concealed carry permit and upload all the pertinent forms to the njportal website utilizing the link below:

  • A $50 fee is paid online to the state of New Jersey via credit card.

  • A $150 fee paid to your local police department. Contact your local police department to inquire about acceptable payment methods, additional forms and materials they need, and hours that payments and forms are accepted.

Get ARMED SORA Security Guard License Training With Us!

We can refer you to reputable firearms instructors who can guide you through the Firearms Application Processes and get you qualified. Once you are ready to apply for your Armed SORA license, contact us at NJ SORA Professionals. We offer online NJ State Police certified SORA courses that satisfy the necessary SORA training requirements. Visit us at or call 973-333-4462 to learn more about the Armed SORA certification in NJ.

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