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Becoming a security guard is a detailed process. NJ Sora Professionals offers a free step by step guide to help you navigate the necessary steps to becoming a licensed security guard.

NJ Sora Professionals​ offers private, one-on-one consultations with instructor and founder Mark Tagliareni. Whether you have questions about the process, want advice on your career, want to make the jump into law enforcement, or anything else, Mark has the experience to help guide you.

When you purchase our SORA Certification class, you will receive FREE application assistance! It is strongly recommended that you have your application completed by the time you begin class. Redeem your free assistance once you book a class to ensure your application is completed correctly and on time.

There are many questions that can arise during the process of becoming a licensed security guard. Visit our FAQ section to have many of your questions answered.

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To Become a Security Guard

The breakdown


Must be 18 years or older and a US citizen or legal resident


Must apply with the New Jersey State Police and pay the fee


Must be fingerprinted with  the MorphoTrust form located at the end of the NJSP application


Successfully complete 24-hour training course with a certified instructor


Complete fingerprinting and training within 30 days of application

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