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NJ SORA Renewal Class: Renew Your New Jersey SORA Certification with Ease!

Updated: Apr 29

Do you work as an SORA-certified security officer in New Jersey and your certification is going to expire soon? We recommend that you do not postpone things. This blog post will take you through the renewal process by which you can get your SORA license active again smoothly through NJ SORA renewal class & SORA renewal training.

Understanding Renewal Periods:

Unarmed Security Officer: Valid for two years. Renew your certification before the expiration date.

Armed Security Officer: Valid for 1 year. Renew at least a month before the expiration date.

Renewing Your SORA Certification:

Visit the NJ State Police Website: Click on and drill down to the "Services" heading. Click on "SORA Information".

Login as a Returning Applicant: Enter your login credentials. In the event you forgot your login details, please log into your email account to find out an email sent from with your log in data. If you think that your password is compromised, you can reset it whenever. For user logins issue, email Private Detective Unit at .

Complete and Pay: On the NJ State Police website, use a desktop or laptop computer with the Microsoft Edge browser. Fill out the online renewal form and pay the $80 fee using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

Important Reminders:

Renewal Emails Within your ninety day period, you'll get email reminders from NJ State Police, although some of them might be in your spam folder, so you need to check it.

8-Hour Refresher Course: In addition to the online application, you must complete a mandatory 8-hour SORA renewal training course by a certified instructor before your certification expires.

NJ SORA Professionals Can Help!

We at NJ SORA Professionals offer the required 8-hour renewal course conveniently. We understand that renewal of the SORA license is important for you; we will give you some important tips to make the process smooth.

Renew on Time, Avoid Delays:

Renewing of SORA license in the good time before the license expires is important. If you do not, then you will have to start from the beginning to apply the initial license again, and this is a process which may be extended over time.

Stay Compliant with NJ SORA Professionals!

Let NJ SORA Professionals be your provider for keeping your security officer licensure up to date. Contact us today for more information about our NJ SORA renewal class and SORA security training. You are welcome to visit us today for more information and ensure your uninterrupted service.

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