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NJ Sora certification Online: The Convenient Choice for Security Professionals

Updated: May 21

As a New Jersey security officer, the Sora certification is essential for your job. NJ Sora Professionals, which provides a convenient platform for online Sora certification, will make it possible for you to complete your Sora certification online from anywhere, for instance, your house or office. 

Training Elevates Security Guard Performance

Sora renewal class: Stay Current with Ease

Along with initial Sora certification, NJ Sora Professionals also provides guards with online Sora renewal classes for keeping security professionals' licenses updated. Renewing Sora certification is a must for security guards in New Jersey.  Unarmed security guards must renew every two years, and armed security guards must renew every year. Our convenient online renewal course is user-friendly and covers the 8-hour mandated refresher training in the comfort of your home or wherever it’s convenient.

NJ Sora license class: Prepare for Success

Whether you're the new security officer trying to get your first Sora license or an experienced professional seeking to transfer your license to New Jersey, NJ Sora license classes will provide the training you need. All topics required by New Jersey law, like related laws, ethics, emergency response, report writing, and others, are covered by our State-reviewed web courses.

Sora certification: Key to Your Security Career

A Sora license validated by the state is a must for persons working as security officers in NJ. Through NJ Sora Professionals, we understand the impact that this certification can have on your journey in the job market. Therefore, we provide Sora certification online courses that give you an in-depth look at what to expect on the required exam and fully equip you with the required knowledge and skills in the security industry.

NJ Sora training: Trusted Expertise, Online Convenience

For a quality NJ Sora training, it is best to leave it to the professional trainers of NJ Sora Professionals. Our e-learning platform features instructor developed lessons and subject matter experts from the security discipline. We regularly monitor the laws, regulations, and best practices to guarantee our training content is meaningful and accurate.

The Benefits of Sora Training Online 

Interactive and Engaging Content: Our online courses use multimedia with audiovisual presentations, interactions, and approved Powerpoints.

Downloadable Resources: At your disposal will be a link to the library of printable screenshots, manuals, and other convenient aids that will guide your learning process and future work.

Certification upon Completion of All Steps:

· NJ SORA Professionals will help guide you through all steps required for initial certification: the NJ State Police application, the fingerprinting process.

· Our course covers the 24 hours of required training.

· For renewing officers, you’re required to pay an $80 renewal fee on the NJ State Police website and attend the 8 hour renewal course.

Register today at NJ Sora Professionals       

Let's begin your Sora certificate online with either renewing your license or a new one. Check this link to find the content you need or register for the class that meets your needs perfectly.  


 We are confident that you will find our support team helpful. In case you need any assistance or you have any questions, give us a call at 973-333-4462. We are bringing us together here to ensure that we have a successful Sora training and that it begins and ends smoothly as a team.


Take the steps towards furthering your career in the Sora security industry by immediately starting your certification or renewal training with NJ Sora Professionals!

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